Robot Welding Services

Quality Robotic Welding

When the need arises for quality robotically welded assemblies, sub-assemblies and prototypes to meet precise specifications and scheduling, the Team at Robot Welding Services is highly trained and capable of setting up the most unique and challenging jobs.

Our products range from automotive sub assembly production, service parts, specialty metals and stainless assemblies, aluminum block configurations, and mounting/clamping brackets. Robot Welding Services’ robotic welding processes have a wide range of capabilities, utilizing MIG-SST and CMT technologies.

Our facility is centrally located in Milton, Ontario, minutes from Highway 401.

This strategically located site provides offsite production of service parts and automotive sub-assemblies.

Our facility focuses primarily on reproduceable and repetitive welding applications. We have capabilities to perform pre-fab or component preparation such as cutting or machining of sub-components.

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